Bosch Global Supplier Award 2019


MOSS Alliance mission is to be Partner of its Customers, supporting them in their challenges, developing and releasing innovative solutions.

Our customer orientation and commitment has been confirmed by the Bosch Global Supplier Award conferred to Miramondi Impianti Spa.


From its roughly 43,000 suppliers, Bosch singled out 47 suppliers from 15 countries for an award. This year’s award ceremony theme was “Transforming Together. Staying Ahead”.

MIRAMONDI received the award in the category “Purchasing of indirect materials”.


About the Bosch Global Supplier Award:

Every two years, Bosch honors the pick of its suppliers from around the world with the Bosch Global Supplier Award. The supplier of technology and services rewards outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products and services. Bosch has been presenting these awards to honor supplier excellence since 1987, and they are highly regarded in the industry.


About supplier partnerships at Bosch:

For Bosch, suppliers are also partners in development and innovation who help the company stay competitive. Bosch relies on partners who share the company’s long-term competitive objectives. Partners who are willing to collaborate closely with the company can be involved at an early stage in strategies and development projects and gain useful insights into future requirements.


Quotations relating to the Bosch Global Supplier Award 2019 by Andreas Reutter, head of supply chain management at Robert Bosch GmbH:

“With the Bosch Global Supplier Award, we pay tribute to our best suppliers around the world. The award-winners have achieved outstanding levels of excellence, and work with us in an exceptional spirit of partnership. From technological expertise to logistical quality and entrepreneurial potential – our award-winners have it all.”

“Today’s suppliers do more than just deliver components. They are also partners in development and innovation who help Bosch stay competitive.”

“As an innovation leader, Bosch is shaping the internet of things and the mobility of the future. Our suppliers around the world play an important part in helping us offer products and services that improve quality of life and conserve natural resources.”



Internationalization project in Brazil of SARES S.p.A.


In order to strengthen our presence and customer service on Brazilian market, we focused the funded initiative on SARES’ Brazilian market analysis.
Supported by a business manager, we organized meetings with potential partners to develop relations and proposals understanding their needs to invest in new equipment and to retrofit/upgrade their current production lines.
We entered into sales negotiations with key potential customers and we reinforced customer service strengthening our local rooting.

Processing lines for appliance applications – Metalforming focus on Fabtech 2017


MOSS International Srl at the Fabtech 2017 fair – hall A booth A3789
MOSS representatives will explain how this European Alliance of four partners – Arrasate, Miramondi, Sares and SCAMM – achieve customized sheetmetal-processing lines for integrated and flexible plants in the home appliance industry. The alliance recently produced an assembly system used in the manufacture of a vertical-axis washer. (Page 58)

Indian market opportunities for MOSS


In order to develop our presence and business on the Indian market we focused the funded initiative on Indian market analysis.
Supported by a local agent, we organized meetings with potential clients to develop relations and proposals understanding their needs to invest in new equipment and to retrofit/upgrade their current production lines.
The fair Blech India 2017 provided us a great opportunity to promote our brand, giving us also the opportunity to sign our first agreement with WHP India and to enter into sales negotiations with other key potential customers.

About us – ISMR April 2017


Your partner for long-term success
MOSS Alliance at the BLECHIndia 2017: Hall 6, stand B80

About us – 07/09/2016 MaschinenMarkt


MOSS Group attends the Euroblech fair as a reliable partner for the production of customized sheet metal processing lines. The company is leader in the household appliances industry, developing and producing integrated and flexible systems.
The four company Miramondi, Sares, Arrasate and Scamm joined forces in 2010. The group supplies turn-key plants, from presses to dies, from cutting to forming station, including flanging, bending and roll-forming, thereby optimizing the process in conformity with customer’s requirements, the parts to be manufactured and the cycle time. MOSS can realize among other production and assembly lines for the most important subsystems of washers and dryers. It also provides a complete support from product development, to process engineering and prototyping.
MOSS Alliance at the EuroBlech 2016: Hall 27, stand C156

Flexible refrigerator cabinet manufacturing line


In a market like the domestic appliance one, where there are numerous large manufacturers plus a wide range of products on offer in an increasingly global market, reducing the stock of parts and being able to manufacture a wide range of products with minimum investment is very important. There is an increasing need for flexible refrigerator cabinet manufacturing lines with reduced cycle times capable of processing different models. For this reason, Fagor Arrasate has recently set up a flexible refrigerator cabinet manufacturing facility. The line is fully automated and connected to the production management system of the facility, responsible for sending the details about cabinets (also of different height, width and depth) to be produced and the respective model and quantity. This line equipped with the latest generation controls is capable of processing successive batches of different models thanks to its fully automatic online adjustment within the installation cycle time.



In a competitive market, such as the Home appliance market, it is not only enough to have the most productive installation in the marketplace, it is also necessary to ensure quality and consistency of the manufactured products. This is the reason why Fagor Arrasate has developed a new line concept, which can automatically integrate components such as the reinforcements, a deck and the skin condenser. This is a fully automatic installation that, starting from blanks, manufactures various models of freezer cabinets with the distinctive feature of assembling a series of reinforcements and a deck through clinching as well as adhering the skin condenser with aluminum tape. Currently it produces models with an unique height and depth but different lengths, but it is capable of integrating different heights and depths too. This patented innovation ensures stability during the process, which results in a clear improvement of the functional quality of the freezer cabinet, with consequential cost savings for the product and on the operating costs of the line. These advantages provide clients a better strategic positioning compared to their direct competitors, guaranteeing success and meeting the deadlines with the launching of a new model production.

Laser Application – PubliTec


Moss Alliance is always looking for innovations and process improvements; in this context MOSS integrates its traditional know-how with the most innovative welding technology of Rofin fiber laser.
Laser welding guarantees quality products: in fact, it ensures exceptional aesthetics and overall quality results due to the total absence of oxidation in the product. The main innovation utilization of a Rofin FL 010, 1-kW fiber laser source.
Fiber laser welding requires high-level processing of raw material: sheet cutting must be perfectly straight (vibrations not allowed); also, positioning of the edges to be welded must be very precise.
To ensure high-quality results MOSS chose to provide the welding torch with all the necessary control devices: control of laser power, camera for the observation of the welding area, cross generator and LED lamp for the illumination of the working area.

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