MOSS supplies turn-key plants, from presses to dies, from cutting to forming station, including flanging, bending and roll-forming, producing and optimizing the process in accordance with customer’s requirements, the parts to be manufactured and the cycle time.
MOSS can process any type of metal sheet, from zinc-coated steel (black steel) to stainless steel, strictly in conformity with the product design, optimizing the forming process for the subsequent assembly and welding operations.


All welding, clinching and riveting systems available on the market can be integrated in our lines; we can guide our customers in the choice of the processing technology that best suits their needs based on the specifications received, on our experience and confirmed by dedicated tests and trials.
Resistance welding technology (roll or spot) is employed to weld functional components; when specific aesthetic finish or resistance to corrosion is required we supply automatic lines with TIG – Plasma – Laser – Capacitor discharge systems

Refrigeration Door Welding Assembly Line

Coil Detail

Cavity Assembly Oven Line