sustainability strategy

A long term view

MOSS mission is to meet customers’ needs with transparent and innovative solutions with an eye to ethical procedures and low impact on the environment.
Our management and employees strive for value in all forms of investment - human, environmental and financial – meeting our customers’ requirements,
creating value for each stakeholder, contributing to the well-being of present and future generations.

economic perspective

- Sustainably securing and developing company value.
- Tailoring risk management to risk and opportunities.
- Continuously improving the quality of processes, products and service.
- Achieving maximum customer satisfaction.
- Developing existing business segments and entering new ones.
- Extending and optimizing the value chain

market perspective

Consolidating and developing our strategic position
in the market segment monitoring and shaping market conditions,
and adapting business accordingly.

social perspective

Securing and developing staff potential
Finding and fostering the next generation of talents
Promoting a partnership of fairness and respect
Open and honest dialogue with customers, suppliers and stakeholders
Promoting and increasing social commitment

enviromental perspective

Protecting the climate, conserving resources (improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact)
Enforcing energy and environmental management systems at our production sites
Maximizing material cycles (closed loop)