Thanks to the joint strength of four companies, MOSS offers a number of advantages and the following added values:


Each company focuses on its own field of expertize and is involved in a number of projects and looking for improvement innovation on a continuous basis. This means MOSS guarantees optimal technical solutions and project investment.


The synergic activities of the four companies allow cost & time savings as a result of economies of scale and the simultaneous involvement of more production plants. The Group overall size offers a significant R&D investment program and a proactive worldwide sales service network

turn-key solutions

The high level of integration means MOSS Alliance can meet its customers’ demand with innovative technology and customized solutions including a finished turn-key product for maximum customer satisfaction. MOSS Group acts as a technology booster for its customers, supplying as requested, complete turn-key support from product development & process engineering, prototyping for design assessment, automatic and semi-automatic equipment to part production services.


MOSS focuses on continuous improvement in all aspects of its organization, with flexibility in policies, procedures, structures and systems. MOSS goes beyond the product quality approach, involving every function in the organization: administration, sales, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, planning, etc.
This approach has a number of implications:
1) Commitment and direct involvement of highest-level executives in setting quality goals and policies, allocation of resources, and monitoring of results;
2) Building quality into products and procedures right from the beginning;
3) Understanding the changing needs of the internal and external customers, and stakeholders;
4) Instituting leadership in place of mere supervision;
5) Working as a team to achieve common objectives.