Bosch Global Supplier Award 2019


MOSS Alliance mission is to be Partner of its Customers, supporting them in their challenges, developing and releasing innovative solutions.

Our customer orientation and commitment has been confirmed by the Bosch Global Supplier Award conferred to Miramondi Impianti Spa.


From its roughly 43,000 suppliers, Bosch singled out 47 suppliers from 15 countries for an award. This year’s award ceremony theme was “Transforming Together. Staying Ahead”.

MIRAMONDI received the award in the category “Purchasing of indirect materials”.


About the Bosch Global Supplier Award:

Every two years, Bosch honors the pick of its suppliers from around the world with the Bosch Global Supplier Award. The supplier of technology and services rewards outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products and services. Bosch has been presenting these awards to honor supplier excellence since 1987, and they are highly regarded in the industry.


About supplier partnerships at Bosch:

For Bosch, suppliers are also partners in development and innovation who help the company stay competitive. Bosch relies on partners who share the company’s long-term competitive objectives. Partners who are willing to collaborate closely with the company can be involved at an early stage in strategies and development projects and gain useful insights into future requirements.


Quotations relating to the Bosch Global Supplier Award 2019 by Andreas Reutter, head of supply chain management at Robert Bosch GmbH:

“With the Bosch Global Supplier Award, we pay tribute to our best suppliers around the world. The award-winners have achieved outstanding levels of excellence, and work with us in an exceptional spirit of partnership. From technological expertise to logistical quality and entrepreneurial potential – our award-winners have it all.”

“Today’s suppliers do more than just deliver components. They are also partners in development and innovation who help Bosch stay competitive.”

“As an innovation leader, Bosch is shaping the internet of things and the mobility of the future. Our suppliers around the world play an important part in helping us offer products and services that improve quality of life and conserve natural resources.”



(English) Internationalization project in Brazil of SARES S.p.A.

(English) 09/01/2018


(English) Processing lines for appliance applications – Metalforming focus on Fabtech 2017

(English) 26/10/2017

MOSS International Srl at the Fabtech 2017 fair – hall A booth A3789
MOSS representatives will explain how this European Alliance of four partners – Arrasate, Miramondi, Sares and SCAMM – achieve customized sheetmetal-processing lines for integrated and flexible plants in the home appliance industry. The alliance recently produced an assembly system used in the manufacture of a vertical-axis washer. (Page 58)

(English) Indian market opportunities for MOSS

(English) 28/09/2017


About us – ISMR April 2017


MOSS Alliance at the BLECHIndia 2017: Hall 6, stand B80

About us – 07/09/2016 MaschinenMarkt


MOSS Group attends the Euroblech fair as a reliable partner for the production of customized sheet metal processing lines. The company is leader in the household appliances industry, developing and producing integrated and flexible systems.
The four company Miramondi, Sares, Arrasate and Scamm joined forces in 2010. The group supplies turn-key plants, from presses to dies, from cutting to forming station, including flanging, bending and roll-forming, thereby optimizing the process in conformity with customer’s requirements, the parts to be manufactured and the cycle time. MOSS can realize among other production and assembly lines for the most important subsystems of washers and dryers. It also provides a complete support from product development, to process engineering and prototyping.
MOSS Alliance at the EuroBlech 2016: Hall 27, stand C156






在竞争日趋白热化的家电市场,仅拥有产能已经远远不够,还需要保障稳定的质量。基于此原因,法格赛达开发了全新的冷柜箱壳的全自动化生产、组装技术。将壳体成形冲切、冷凝器管贴附、机舱隔板、加强筋、压机底板、铰链加强铁等部件的组装集成为一条全自动的生产线。该生产线从定尺料开始至箱壳成品下线,实现了全自动生产、全自动换型号。 可以满足生产不同尺寸的箱壳。该生产线所应用的专利技术保障了产品的质量并降低了生产成本。该生产线彻底解决了原操作工人劳动强度大、用工人数多、并由此造成的产品一致性差、质量不稳定等该行业普遍问题。

激光應用 – PubliTec


Moss Alliance 一直不懈地开发新技术并改进工艺;以此为前提,Moss将其传统专有技能与最具创新的Rofin光纤激光焊接技术相整合。激光焊接能够保证产品的品质:事实上,这一技术能够确保卓绝的美观及整体高品质的结果是因为产品上完全没有氧化层。其主要创新技术是使用了Rofin FL 010, 1-kw光纤激光源。光纤激光焊接要求高水平的原材料处理:板材切割必须是完美的直线(不允许任何振动);此外,焊接侧的边缘定位也必须非常精准。为确保高质量加工结果,MOSS在提供焊枪的同时还配备所有必要的控制设备:激光功率控制,焊接区的检测摄像机,十字线发生器,用于工作区照明的LED灯。

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MOSS Alliance: EUROBLECH – 2021年3月9日至12日,漢諾威, 德國